Sunday, October 12, 2014


The walkingstick is one of God's greatest creations when it comes to camouflage. They are related to mantids, but in most ways they are as different as a goblin and a fairy princess. For starters, walkingsticks are herbivores, and mantids are carnivores. Another is that walkingsticks have much longer, thread-like legs than a mantis does. Mantids have shorter, stronger legs for catching and holding on to their prey, while walkingsticks have no need of this
 Do you see the difference?

 One more difference, walkingsticks are much slower than mantids, as shown in the video above.
But one thing that they both have in common is camouflage. Depending on color, they can sit on a twig    or flower without being noticed at all! How amazing Gods creation is!!!                                              

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