Sunday, October 12, 2014


A fallen log can be one of the best places to find all sorts of cool plants, animals and funguses. There can be woodpeckers, beetles, mice, slugs and all sorts of God's amazing creations. It's a mini food-web in there. First of all, a tree falls and over the course of a year or more, little creatures start moving in to their miniature apartment house. First in the food-web comes the fungus, decomposing and eating the log. Slugs and snails also help break down the log. Next come the spiders and beetles. They eat the slugs, and their dung, along with the non-toxic types of fungus. Last but not least come the mice and woodpeckers, eating all the spiders and beetles. These are just a few of the amazing wonders of God's creation, all inside this ugly, rotten and moldy log.                                                                                                    


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  1. I love reading your posts, Ethan! We are studying Astronomy this year, but your blog is teaching our boys so much and exciting them to discover more of God's amazing creatures!!! Thank you!!