Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The raptors are a large group of birds, with many things in common and many things different from each other. What makes a bird one though is: talons (that is what you call a raptors feet and claws) , sharp curved bill, keen eye-sight and they have to either be a carnivore or scavenger. 
First up, the Owls. All of these have either heart or disk-shaped faces, short, extremely sharp and hooked bills and some have "ear tufts" on the top of their head, as shown above and below.
 Some can also turn their heads all the way around!

 Second, Hawks. These have long tails, broad-short wings and long hooked bills.

 Next, Falcons. All of these have a black stripe under their eyes, long bill and tail. 
Below is the smallest Falcon, an American Kestrel. 
Last but definitely not least, the Eagles! The biggest in North America is the Golden Eagle. These have even longer bills than all the others, way longer and sharper talons, super huge wing-span and extra long tail
Sorry there were no vultures!


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